5 Heavenly Celestial Rings with Stars and Moons

The word “celestial” refers to things that are of the sky, or heaven. Often it means something sacred and divine. Stars, moons, and planets are all celestial. So it’s time to look at some star rings, moon rings, and all that kind of stuff!

Our first ring is called “Artemis” and it is made from 14k yellow gold, diamonds and garnet. Artemis is also Diana and she was the goddess of many things, including of the hunt. She is often pictured with a bow and arrow.

Following this are several star rings. But no two are the same. We’ve got an adjustable ring, a diamond ring, and some sparkly statement rings.

Celestial Rings

Clockwise from top left

Artemis – Crescent Sphere Ring from Roseark, HERE

Diane Kordas 18-karat black gold diamond star ring from Net a Porter, HERE

Spiral Star Adjustable Ring from Max and Chloe, HERE

Blu Bijoux Gold Star Crystal Ring from Max and Chloe, HERE

Simone Wang Blue 8 Point Star Ring from Max and Chloe, HERE

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