Caroline Forbes Ring on The Vampire Diaries

caroline forbes ring

On The Vampire Diaries, Candice Accola plays Candice Forbes, a newly turned vampire. To allow her to walk in the sunlight, Bonnie Bennett (witch in training) put a spell on a blue lapis ring. Caroline whined about not getting to pick it, but Bonnie did an okay job! It’s antique in style with filigree detailing. It’s very likely The Vampire Diaries costume designer used an actual antique ring.

I’ve found one ring that isn’t an antique, and has a diamond shape in the middle of it, much like Caroline’s ring. That ring is featured first (left) then I have one that is from eBay, but was too perfect not to share. Finally, we have a pretty locket ring made with sterling silver and blue lapis. This one is my favorite of the three. What do you think?

There are also several pretty blue lapis ring at, however these are more modern looking.

  1. Sterling Silver Lapis Blue and Topaz Ring: Click Here
  2. Sterling Silver and Blue Lapis Ring: Click Here
  3. Sterling Silver Locket Ring with Blue Lapis: Click Here

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