Bastian Inverun Jewelry – Their best rings for the modern romantic

Do you have romantic and vintage sensibilities but still find a bit of allure when it comes to stronger, modern pieces of jewelry? Don’t feel confused, I feel the same way. And I found something to love with Bastian Inverun Jewelry. With a modern approach, Bastian Inverun jewelry still manages to flawlessly tackle natural design elements like flowers and water swirls. They create with silver, gold, and – of course – natural materials. I find it all a perfect blend of romantic sensibilities with a strong, modern girl look. And though they can do this present day style, they’ve got some history on them.

This jewelry line was founded in 1974, and in their 20 plus years they’ve focused on quality German design.

“In 2007, 2008 and 2009 bastian inverun was elected by the readers of the leading German branch newsletters the “Silver jewelery brand of the year” – underlining especially the attractive price value ratio, the strong marketing support and the comprehensive range with more than 100 new designs every season. Today our jewelery is available in most European countries – and also in Russia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. “

Check out these Bastian Inverun Rings that caught my eye…

Bastian Inverun Rings

Bastian Inverun Pearl Ring

Unique Rings – Swirl Ring of Sterling Silver and Brilliant Diamonds

Bastian Inverun Silver Ring

Bastian Inverun Flower Rose Ring

Bastian Inverun USA Pearl Ring

Sterling Silver Leaf Ring

Dome Flower Ring

Bastian Inverun Jewelry (Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings)

bastian inverun

Bastian Inverun Bracelet

Bastian Inverun Necklace – sterling silver and speckled diamond constellation

Bastian Inverun Earrings – Constellation sterling silver and diamond stud earrings

Bastian Inverun USA Pearl Earrings

Quartz and Chalcedony Necklace

Gold and Silver heart necklaces


You can find Bastian Inverun jewelry online at

You gotta tell me – Are you PRO or CON these Bastian Inverun designs?  Too modern?

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