Twinned Ankh Symbol Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring

I haven’t always loved the Ankh symbol, but I’ve also never known too much about it. It appears this is an ancient Egyptian symbol (and hieroglyphic) for “life.” Now, back in the day (we’re talking way back) only the cream of the crop would wear an Ankh symbol. This means, those who sported it were Pharaohs, kings, Queens and Gods. The idea was that there was a lot of power with this symbol, and whoever had the symbol on them had the power to give life or take life. …Which is creepy.

If the Ankh looks similar to something else, you’re not alone in thinking that. This symbol is actually a combo deal of a cross and a cricle. You can see the sun that rises over the bar which gives it a meaning of rebirth every day. Which is life. This is the Egyptian cross symbol and sometimes called the key of life.

I like this ring because it benefits Breast Cancer Research. You can get this Ankh ring at The Breast Cancer Site.

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