Amethyst Stalactite Ring!

The Amethyst Stalactite Ring might be a long name for a ring but it just justify the rather-large size of this Amethyst ring.  Definitely, this is one of the most exotic Amethyst rings I’ve ever seen so far.

This Amethyst Stalactite ring is handmade from a slice of a genuine stalactite with an Agate centre surrounded by Amethyst crystals. The Amethyst stalactite slice is set in a handmade sterling silver ring with a clutch setting and a satin finish.

Ring size: Medium

This Amethyst stalactite ring is provided with a jewellery box and a signed studio certificate.

Each Amethyst stalactite ring is absolutely unique – no two are ever the same.

We can create Amethyst stalactite rings to your specifications in solid gold or sterling silver.

We also have an exclusive collection of Amethyst stalactite necklaces.

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