Daisy Stack Rings by ForHerFromYou.co.uk!

Check out some great stack rings from ForHerFromYou.co.uk:

Daisy Stack Rings
We are delighted to launch this stunning new range Daisy Stack Rings.

Take a magical collection of very English Sterling Silver rings in the shape of Bees, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Flowers, Frog Princes and jewels.Add smooth and textured spacer rings in silver or gold plate to mix, match and spread along the finger and you’ve just described the concept behind “Daisy Stack Rings.
You can buy a made up Daisy Stack or choose some elements from one stack, some from another. Or buy each ring separately by viewing The Collection of Daisy Stacking Rings and build up your own design. That’s the beauty of Daisy Stacks, they’re as individual as you are.

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