Self Defense Rings (Ring Blog)

Though none of these are marketed as being “self defense rings” we think they could help protect you should you ever need to walk down a dark alley alone. (Which we do not recommend.) As it is, be careful with these spike rings and such, they could put an eye out!

Just wearing these types of rings should be enough to keep people away from you.

Label as: Cool Etsy Rings, Self Defense Rings, Weapon Rings

  • Classic Sterling Punk Spike Ring from the Etsy shop Ildved, CLICK

  • Silver Spike Ring – Wolverine Ring from the Etsy shop White Metal, CLICK

  • Silver Square Spike Ring from the Etsy shop Renee and Riole, CLICK

Used with enough force, any ring can be categorized as a weapons ring. Wear these carefully.

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