Spotlight: Simone Wang Jewelry – 5 Rings with Star Power

Love a little bit of geometry? Simone Wang jewelry utilizes strong geometric shapes and then gives them a bit of sparkle. These rings are definitely lively and fun – you’ve got orbs, stars, suns, spirals and just tons and tons of colors.

Simone Wang jewelry that is featured here uses pink tourmaline, yellow sapphire, Yellow gold vermeil, amethyst, sterling silver, blue topaz, black onyx, emerald and agate. As you can tell – it’s a lot of amazing materials! I love the way the onyx was paired with emerald, but I also can’t deny that the pink tourmaline and yellow sapphires look like it’s glowing – it’s so gorgeous.

Simone Wang Rings

Simone Wang Yellow 8 Point Star Ring made with pink tourmaline, yellow sapphire , HERE

Simone Wang Pave Amethyst Ring, HERE

Blue Topaz Squared Swirl Ring, HERE

Black Onyx Orb Simone Wang Ring with Emeralds, HERE

Gray Agate Sun Ring, HERE

All Simone Wang jewelry choices are available from Max and Chloe.

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