Rockstar Rings – What to wear (for impact) as you perform on stage!

So, because I cover The Voice for Small Screen Scoop, I spend a lot of time looking at The Voice’s Pinterst boards. Their “style” boards are actually not being updated enough, but I did manage to unearth some great inspirational images that they’ve pinned in the past.

And it’s great to take tips from the pro’s about stuff. So, if you want rockstar rings – rings that’ll look great from the stage, this is where it’s at. You’ll want to focus on bold, unique shapes and large gemstones. It all depends on your personal style, too – of course.

Long Armor Rings (3 examples below!)

For instance, if you’re singing a lot of folk music and you wear a lot of boho chic clothing, then wearing a lot of antiqued silver rings (example shown below) on your fingers would be a great, bold style choice to accessorized with. You’d also like armor rings and full finger rings.

Crazy Bling Rings (1 crazy example below!)

Yet, if you’re more of a Beyonce type, why not wear some fantastic bling that’ll catch the lights? This ring extends around the tip of your finger, how cool is THAT?

Unique Shapes (4 examples below!)

And it’s also important to stay true to items you genuinley like. Take this crescent moon ring from Catbird. It might be a bit pricey, but if you think you’ll wear it all the time, then it might be worth it. This one is no longer for sale, but this similar one is.

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Lauren Wolf Jewelry has this fantastic Blue Sapphire Ring that almost looks like there are claws holding it in place. It is from Catbird NYC, click the link above to be taken to the ring’s page.

Shameless Jewelry Gold and Pink Crystal Art Deco Ring is from Max and Chloe, here.


Charles Albert Gold and Kyanite Ring, available from Max and Chloe, here.

What type of ring up there are you most drawn to? And make sure to tell us WHAT kind of music you perform, too. You can even leave the name of your YouTube page, band name, etc.

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