Abhaas Jewelry: Their 5 Best Rings

Filled with vibrant pinks and royal blues among rich gold and sparkling diamonds, Abhaas jewelry will catch your eye right away!

Abhaas Jewels creates incredible jewelry under the name “Abhaas Jewels Corp.” Production of the gorgeous earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces and pendants is done in Jaipur, India. They export to the international market, sharing their exotic jewelry worldwide. They focus on Ethnic Indian Jewelery collection but also have a Victorian Jewelry, Vintage Reproduction, Rose Cut Collection and Fine Jewelry section. Every piece is a creative collaboration of beauty and style.

Their mission statement is, “To make available our exquisite jewelry at exceptional price to the world.”

Now that Abhaas Jewels are available at Max and Chloe, it’s definitely time to take a closer look at what kind of jewelry they offer.

To be sure, these are all expensive rings. But worth investing within, and sure to be seen on some celebrities soon enough.

Abhaas Jewelry

Clockwise from top right

Abhaas Cool Petals Ring – Flower Rings – Sapphire Rings – Blue sapphire makes up the petals in this flower ring. The center is comprised of 7 round diamonds, and the diamonds are also on the outside of the petal’s perimeter, as well. It is noted that this ring has a modest, almost angelic and innocent look to it, despite it’s large size. Find this blue sapphire ring at Max and Chloe, here.

Abhaas Plush Pink Ring – Ruby and Diamond Rings – Exotic Rings – It only takes one cushion cut ruby to make this ring make you sit up and take notice. The ruby is more pink than red, which is interesting. Channel set diamonds frame the gemstone. Find this ruby and diamond ring at Max and Chloe, here.

Abhaas Tranquility Ring – Tranquility Rings – The soothing colored blue stoned is not named, but we do know there are diamonds involved with this silver ring. Find it here.

Abhaas Pink Taille D’Epargne Ring – Gold, silver, a ruby and diamonds create this exotic ring. It definitely is inspired by Indian jewelry. You can wear this with denim, because the size of the ruby doesn’t overwhelm it. Find it here.

Abhaas Palatial Pink Ruby Ring – Ruby Rings – Bold Rings – Made with a ruby and yellow gold. Fit for a queen. Find this at Max and Chloe, here.

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