Platinum Ruby and Diamond Ring (3.34 ct ruby center, 0.30 cttw diamonds)

When I saw this ruby and diamond ring I felt like that creepy little Gollum guy from The Lord of the Rings – a la, “My precious! My preeeecioooouuus!” It’s SO pretty, and it’s not an engagement ring which means I’m allowed to wear it! Usually the best diamond rings are engagement rings, which I understand – those are ones you wear everyday. But still, I love when I come across one that is for anyone. A faceted cut 3.34 carat oval shaped rub (of a pink/red color) is bezel set. The border of the ruby has round brilliant diamonds (colorless, in a rare F color and minimum clarity of VS1) that trail over the platinum ring band as well. Why go platinum? “Unlike other jewelry metals, platinum will not chip easily or wear down over time, and it never needs replating. Its gorgeous white sheen is rich and luxurious and can be easily maintained with just an occasional cleaning and polish. Platinum has a substantial feel and is slightly heavier than gold. It’s also hypoallergenic, and therefore perfectly suited to those with metal sensitivities.” This ring is perfect as a gift as it comes in a luxury finished-wood box, and the ruby is romantic. More.

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