July Birthstone Rings: 5 Handmade Ruby Rings

I love to support handmade works of art (and jewelry is art!) Whether you know it or not, there is a vibrant and busy community online (and off – in the actual world!) of people who make jewelry pieces. For this post, I used the resources of Etsy.com and ArtFire.com which both let handmade artisans upload their wares to sell them online. One of the designers was on both sites, and I didn’t realize I’d picked two of their rings until I was putting the post together with the finishing touches. (The rope detail should have been a clue!) With that said, I find Etsy.com easier to search and would recommend that site over the other.

All of these rings range from about $100.00 – $430.00. One very nice thing about working with handmade jewelry designers is they’ll often be open to take custom orders. So if you wanted a different detail, different gemstone, or different metal – they might very well accommodate you (with a reasonable price change.)

What I like about rubies is that they look exotic, especially the ruby rings in this batch:

July Birthstone Rings – handmade ruby rings

Rose Cut Ruby Ring – 18k Gold and Sterling
Handmade by Janish Jewels on Etsy, HERE

Ruby ring in antiqued sterling silver – Made using antique tools
Handmade by Nelly Vansee from Etsy, HERE

Antique style sterling silver ring with man made ruby
Handmade by Nelly Vansee from Art fire, HERE

14k Yellow Gold Genuine Madagascar Ruby Ring
Handmade from Beckham Designs on Etsy, HERE

Rose Cut Ruby In 14K Yellow Gold Ring
Handmade from Louisa Gallery on Etsy, HERE

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