Bounkit Jewelry Design – 5 Haute Rings

Bounkit Jewelry has some really strong, glamorous cocktail rings available for sale. Let’s take a look at my favorite pieces, shall we? We shall!

Bounkit Jewelry on Sale

Clockwise from top right

Chrysoprase and White Topaz Ring – The spotted green Chryoprase is pear cut and surrounded by round, faceted white topaz that’s prong set in gold. (here)

Ring set with faceted Lapis – This Lapis ring (so blue!) was featured in an October issue of the Oprah magazine. I might not read that magazine, but I sure do think Oprah knows a good thing when she sees it. Bounkit Jewelry has also been featured on Gossip Girl season 5. Anyway, if you like this check out our other lapis rings! (here)

Amethyst and Ruby Ring – This is a great cluster ring! (here)

Peridot and Carnelian Ring – the Peridot almost looks like leaves. Carnelian is generally red or orange, so that it’s blue here is unique. Check out our other favorite peridot rings. (here)

Ring with Faceted Green Onyx and Peridot – Onyx is usually black, as far as I know… so green onyx is rare and cool. It’s got a very neat matte texture to it. Gold vermeil and peridot completes teh look. (here)

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