Best 5 Bunny Rings on Etsy – Hop to them!

When you get a closer look at something, you often draw a greater appreciation for it. Since I’m currently pet-sitting for a bunny, guess what’s on my mind? That’s right. It’s a small, adorable bunny of fluff and magical wishes. She’s black, and if I may say so, incredibly smart. 😉

This post is all about looking at some handmade rings for women offered by Etsy sellers – with a bunny design incorporated into the look.

Bunny Rings on Etsy

Clockwise from top right

The Golden Bunny Ring – What’s Up Doc
We’re hopping off here (GET IT? yea, you get it) with a truly amazing ring. It’s a little bit pricy and I was almost dissuaded by that… but it’s not just a great handmade ring and a bunny ring. It’s also a ring with a secret compartment! And that, that just makes me love it so much more. It’s kind of bulky, but there’s no sharp edges and it might come in handy if you have to punch any vampires or something (I don’t know your life!) I can see Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) of Pretty Little Liars wearing this in a heartbeat.
Find this bunny ring by Aurea Praga on her Etsy shop The Golden Plague, by clicking here.

Steampunk Bunny Ring
This is still a silly ring, but it’s not going to poke anyone’s eye out because the ears go horizontally and will lay against your fingers. It’s also a locket ring. Two in one! Boom!
Find this brass bunny ring on Etsy by Chinookhugs with this link.
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White Rabbit Ring
It makes a nice, simple impact.
Find this ring on Etsy by Osier with this link.

Bunny Ears Ring
It’s a bit more abstract and people might wonder what it is, but just tell them. It’s neat. Plastic.
Find it on Etsy by Mariko Carandang – Link
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Little Bunny Ring
Tiny and to the point.
By Samantha Walker on Etsy – Link

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