5 Truly Gorgeous Jasper Rings for Women

We’ve put together five different Jasper Rings for women that we are super keen on. The jasper colors vary from pink to yellow, and the tell-tale sign is the artistic marbling in the stone. They remind us of quail eggs, which are also very pretty.

We dare you not to fall in love with the jasper ring by Carolyn Pollack, which plays the soft, creamy yellow jasper against pure blue iolite stones.

And of course there’s the handmade ring with ocean jasper that has a mix of beautiful yellows, greens and pinks set in fine silver.

Jasper Rings for Women

  1. Carolyn Pollack Sterling Silver Yellow Jasper Annapolis Ring from Amazon, CLICK
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    Celebrity Soul Mate: Michelle Williams
  2. Pink Jasper Fancy Cut Cabochon Sterling Silver Ring from JTV, CLICK
    Related: pink jasper rings
    Celebrity Soul Mate: Scarlett Johansson
  3. Nest Pink Jasper Ring with Rose Gold from Neiman Marcus, CLICK
    Related: nest rings
    Celebrity Soul Mate: Reese Witherspoon
  4. Heather Benjamin “Ocean Jasper” Spiny Oyster Ring from Amazon, CLICK
    Related: ocean jasper rings
    Celebrity Soul Mate: Michelle Obama
  5. Ocean Jasper Ring Sterling Silver – One Of A Kind – Artisan Jewelry from Mocahete on Etsy, CLICK
    Related: ocean jasper jewelry, etsy rings, handmade rings
    Celebrity Soul Mate: Jennifer Aniston

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