Ostro Topaz | Let’s talk about these Blue Topaz rings on QVC…

QVC is talking about Ostro Blue Topaz rings today. So, so are we.

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Ostro Royal Blue Topaz Ring

Ostro Blue Topaz Colors (Also available in any Blue Topaz, fyi)

  • Ostro London Blue Topaz (This kind of blue topaz is always a deeper…murky)
  • Ostro Royal Blue Topaz (This kind of blue topaz is always vibrant, and my favorite)
  • Ostro Swiss Blue Topaz (This is always an alpine color for topaz)
  • Ostro Sky Blue Topaz ( This kind of topaz is always light, and it’s my second favorite color for topaz)

Note: Why do I like the Royal Blue Topaz most?

The saturation and sparkle of an Ostro Blue Topaz is different than what you get with  your typical Topaz stones (sky, swiss, london.)

But am I into the Ostro line of Rings?

…Not really. Listen, of course they’re going to be pretty. But so are any blue topaz rings. So, don’t buy these just for the Ostro name.

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The side view of this ring IS pretty amazing, let’s admit it. But we can get this in other rings, too.

Let’s take a look at the 22.00 ct tw Ostro Royal Blue Topaz & 1/4 ct tw Diamond Ring

Talk about a showstopping ring. There is 22k of Ostro Royal Blue Topaz on this diamond ring. The rich color and the massive size is a rare combination.It’s made with sterling silver, which helps keep it affordable.

A drawback is that no one is going to believe that this ring is real because of the size. Sure, you could TELL people…but you can’t go around telling strangers. No matter how gorgeous it is, if it ain’t Scarlett Johansson wearing this, then I and everyone else would assume that this is a fake piece of costume jewelry. Which means you’re a sucker for paying $699.00 for it.

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Again, a great ring shank. (But that does not a perfect ring make!)

Questions to ask:

  • Can you get a blue topaz color like this anywhere but in Ostro?
  • Are these man-made (therefore, perfect and not AS rare or precious) gems?

Should you buy this ring?

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Think about wearing this ring to Target. Would you do that?

I say no. Not the ring I featured above. No one will ever believe it’s real. Plus, how many black tie affairs are you GOING TO ATTEND that you can ever wear that? Trust me, you are not gonna wear that in Target.


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