Queen Victoria’s Jewelry: Opal Rings

Having finally seen The Young Victoria film with Emily Blunt, I am so intrigued by everything Victorian. And apparently, Queen Victoria was in love with jewelry. One of the things we know about Queen Victoria’s jewelry is that she loved opals.

She had a big influence in making sure the Opal gem, in particular, stayed popular. In the nineteenth century Sir Walter Scott wrote a novel called “Ann of Geirstein” where the heroine owned an opal that was unlucky. The opal would burn red when she was angry, and when it turned gray she died because her life force was stuck inside of the opal. There was said to be a curse for those who wore opals if it was not their birth stone (or even in general.) People really thought opals would curse you, and it is written that the market for opals drastically dropped. The opal had bad press!

But Queen Victoria loved Opals (especially Australian Opals), and it is well-documented that she often wore them. She began giving opal jewelry as gifts. Victoria and her five daughters all loved opals – wearing them, and giving them as gifts to each other and friends. Victoria’s court members were encouraged to wear opals.  And just as it works with celebrities today, people coveted the opal stone because it was so popular with the royal family. They made opal jewelry a strong trend.

When Albert died in 1861, Queen Victoria took to all black jewelry, including black opals. Queen Victorias jewelry stayed true to opals.

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Copy Queen Victoria’s jewelry style by owning an opal ring:

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