5 Beautiful Pink Opal Rings made with Gold

Opal doesn’t come in just one color! You can get very lovely pink opal rings, and they pair lovely with gold. Natural pink opal comes from just one place in the world – Peru! Sometimes it is referred to as angelskin opal, Pink Andes Opal or Andean opal.

Top jewelry designers like Judith Ripka and Irene Neuwirth have embraced the pairing of pink opal and gold for some of their creations. Even in the most modern design, the fair pink opal reads as romantic to me. It’s a little soft and milky in how it looks, like your favorite strawberry icecream.

Pink Opal Rings, Gold

Judith Ripka Glacier Pink Opal and Gold Ring
Bergdorf Goodman, HERE

Irene Neuwirth Large Emerald Cut Pink Opal Ring in Rose Gold
Ylang 23, HERE

Pink Opal Oval Cabochon 18k Rose Gold Over Sterling Silver Filigree Ring

1 3/8 Carat Pink Opal and Diamond 10K Pink Gold Ring

Jessica Elliot Double Floating Two Finger Candy Ring in Pink Opal
Max and Chloe, HERE

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