Lapis Lazuli Rings for Men: 5 That’ll Make Him Proud

To be a true man of style, you have to know how to accessorize. But there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the colors that you feel best represent you. So, take blue. And in taking blue, ditch the predictable sapphire and try the Lapis Lazuli. This deep blue opaque gem is often flecked with gold notes that up the shine factor.

Lapis Lazuli properties include: harmony in friendships and an encouragement of truth. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to just wave up your hand and say, “but honey, I’m clearly not lying!” but it can’t hurt.

Below are five lapis lazuli rings for men. There’s white gold, yellow gold, diamonds, no diamonds… you get the picture. I’ve picked five that I think are genuinley stylish and manly. I do hope you enjoy them!

Lapis Lazuli Rings for Men

14K White Gold Men’s Ring, w/ 0.08 Carat Brilliant Cut Diamonds, Mother of Pearl, Black Onyx & Lapis Lazuli, 11/16 in. (18mm) wide
From Gabriella Gold at Amazon, HERE

Diamond and Yellow Gold Men’s Blue Lapis Lazuli Ring
From Gemologica, HERE

10k White Gold Diamond & Blue Lapis Cabochon Ring
From Goldia, HERE

Men’s Diamond & Lapis Ring
From Danbury Mint, HERE

10k Tri-color Black Hills Gold Men’s Lapis Ring
From Home Bello, HERE

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