Five Top Garnet Rings for Men (Plus: How to Pick The Right Ring)

If you’re looking for a birthstone ring for yourself or the guy in your life and your birthday happens to be in January, then you’re in luck. This post will detail five garnet rings for men. The main components to think about in terms of rings are the metal and the gemstone shape. Think about if you want gold (white gold, yellow gold), sterling silver or platinum. Also think about what shape you like the garnet to be. Square, round, small and round, large and rectangular? You can have several small garnet stones on a ring or just one large garnet. Then you can think about if you want diamond accents, other gemstone accents, etc. Go with your intuition as for what style of ring you like. Take a look around your bedroom, is it a serious and expensive place, casual, modern? Think of the adjectives that describe it, and that will help you define your style. And this style extends to your jewelry tastes!

Men’s Square Garnet Ring in 10K White Gold with Diamond Accents: Click Here

There are two daggers of diamonds – haha! They look pretty, but the phrase is funny – admit it.

.95ct Garnet 2-Tone Channel-Set Men’s Ring: Click Here

This classy ring has simple channel set garnets.

14K White Gold Genuine Round Garnet Men’s Men’s Ring: Click Here

There are four accent diamonds for this garnet ring.

14K Yellow Gold Men’s Cabochon Mozambique Garnet Ring: Click Here

This is a very traditional-looking men’s ring.

Men’s Garnet Ring: Click Here

This garnet ring has an unusual design to it that’s still no where close to feminine. Very stylish!

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