5 Unusual Zipper Rings Jewelry Pieces

Zipper jewelry is interesting and might be good for those who like to fidget (if you can actually zip and unzip the jewelry piece – much like the way you use a worry ring to calm your nerves.) We’ve collected five (actually six, if you read all the way to the bottom!) zipper rings that we think are fun. Several are handmade, and you shouldn’t be afraid to get diy about zippers to make jewelry if you like this style.

What’s great about this style is that it looks very tough with the little metal nuggets everywhere. If you pile on some of these rings (unless it’s in the shape of a flower – then it’s sweet!) you can really send a message about your point of view. Our favorite picks are the rings by Zipper Design on Etsy, and the ones by Doris Vinas which look almost tribal.

Unusual Zipper Rings

  1. Spiral Ring. Adjustable. Handmade from ZipperDesign on Etsy, CLICK
  2. Flower Zipper Rings. Handmade from Zipper Design on Etsy, CLICK
  3. BBW Brown & White Fabric Zipper Stretch Ring from Sears, CLICK
  4. Zipper Ring by Argentine designer Doris ViƱas. Handmade, one size fits all. From MCA Store, CLICK
  5. Metal Zipper Ring, handmade from Hurricane Boutique on Etsy, CLICK
  6. Not pictured in collage, look below! Zipper Ring from Tiny Trinket, CLICK

zipper ringsThe ring says “love” above the zipper.

Another from MCA

Additional fingers full of zipper rings from Hurricane Boutique.

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We hope you enjoyed this ring blog post on zipper rings!

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