Victorian Jewelry: Conch Shell Cameo Rings

In the 1800’s cameo rings were all the rage. Conch shell cameo rings were hand-carved out of conch shells and a very popular sort of Victorian Ring.

Cameo rings often feature a women’s profile and mythological¬† or a religious figures. A cameo ring is a carved ring, carved from conch shell (or sometimes agate or ivory at later¬† dates in the 1900’s.) Queen Victorian made cameo rings popular, and that is why many Queen Victoria Jewelry pieces are cameos.

A cameo always has a pale color, with a contrasting color behind it. Conch shells were considered easy to carve, and inexpensive. Many women loved to find (or order) cameo jewelry with images that looked like them. People commissioned portraits in these days, but then they moved on to commissioning cameos. Oftentimes tourists wanted them when they visited upper Europe.

Victorian Cameo Rings:

Conch Shell Cameo Ring: Master Carved Carnelian Conch Shell Cameo

Cameo Ring: Master Carved Muse Carnelian Conch Shell Cameo Ring

Shell Cameo Ring: Master Carved Cameo Ring 14k Gold Carnelian Conch Shell

Italian Cameo Ring: Cameo Rings – 14kt Gold Carnelian Shell Cameo Ring

Three Graces Cameo Ring: 14K Yellow Gold Three Graces Traditional Shell Cameo Ring

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