Ring Around The Rosie Adjustable Ring!

Here’s a fun adjustable Ring Around The Rosie Ring!

Artist Eric Silva puts in huge amounts of passion and hard work to create his jewelry. This watermelon tourmaline and silver adjustable ring is classic, but original. Silva creates his jewelry through methods of carving, sawing, forming and soldering. Each of his works is a three-dimensional form with interactive parts, like the small beads on this ring. He uses a combination of rustic metals and sterling silver and stains them with herbed teas and coffee to add depth and character. And there is a faint relief of a vine carved around the band. The semi-precious pink and green stones are hand cut and polished under water. This jewelry shows attention to detail, craftsmanship and appreciation of unique aesthetics, which will surely be a cherished gift for anyone. The height of the band is .5″ The metal is pliable enough to adjust to fit sizes 6 through 9. Handmade in California.

$110 via uncommongoods

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