Creative Relationship Rings

Here are the TooRings which aim to fix your relationship with your partner. There are four symbolic rings, representative of: not screwing it up, smoothing it up, smoothing the rough patches and building bridges. Cool in theory, these would be awesome to wear and show off to everyone. The creative designer of these rings is Li Jianye. Both you and your partner probably have some flaw, so you can both wear one as a reminder…ouch!

The rings are:

Hexagon: a 5mm inner hexagon spanner
Always remember tightening your relationship…

Cruciform: a cruciform screw driver
Never screw up your relationship with loved one…

#1: a number 1 file
Smoothen your relationship with care when necessary

3CM: a 30mm ruler
By doing all these you two will be closer than 30mm!

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