Pretzel Rings – Five Jewelry Pieces with a Twist

Who can forget the iconic pretzel necklace that Carrie Bradshaw wore on Sex and the City? Whether you want a more literal-looking pretzel ring piece of jewelry, or something pretzel-inspired (so to speak) I’ve found a ring for you. Of the five I picked, they have one thing in common: a twist!

These rings also make me think about how good authentic, fresh baked soft pretzels are. Mmm. How come I can never find places to buy them? Well, at least you guys will know where to buy these pretzel rings.

My favorite is the yellow gold ring with salt diamonds. Of course, that’s also the most expensive ring. What can I say, I have expensive (and good) taste!

Five Pretzel Rings (Jewelry Pieces, not Food Stuffs)

14K Yellow Gold Rolling Pretzel Diamond Ring
Price: $1,649.00
From:, HERE

Pretzel Dipped In Cheddar Cheese on a Plate Ring
Price: $10.00
From: Etsy, HERE

Pretzel Rings
Price: On Sale $49.99
From: Sundance Catalog, HERE

Pretzel ring – adjustable ring
Price: $8.00
From: Etsy, HERE

Pretzel Ring in 14k Solid White Gold Fashion Ring
Price: $263.99
From:, HERE

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