Pretty Little Liars Jewelry Inspiration – Aria Montgomery’s Style

When I happened upon the Etsy store of handmade jewelry by Rachel Pfeffer, I knew Aria Montgomery (Pretty Little Liars) would be all over it. It’s exactly her style. Which is to say, it’s eclectic, edgy and glamorous.

In thinking in terms of Aria (played by Lucy Hale) I could see so many of these pieces working. And not just the rings. From the sparkling drusy rings to the simple brass heart earrings…there’s just so much going on that is so cool.

DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT – Rachel Pfeffer Designs

(I have zero idea if Rachel is a fan of Pretty Little Liars.)

You don’t have to explore the galaxy to find riches. This has a great contrast of sparkle with the more matte silver.

  • Blue Drusy Galaxy Ring- Handmade Sterling Silver, CLICK

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Normally I’d say don’t let love dangle. But in this case…it’s allowed.

  • Brass Heart Dangle Earrings- Handmade and Wonderful, CLICK

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And, of course, wear your heart in the open.

  • Brass and Silver Heart Necklace, CLICK

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This is a great, unique concept of combining the element of drusy with heart embellishments.

  • Midnight Blue Druzy and Sterling Silver Hearts Ring, CLICK (Available in other metals.)

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Bee’s are always good protection.

  • Sterling Silver Knuckle Ring – Honeycomb and Bee Ring, CLICK

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Giddyup, cowgirl!

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This is an amazingly thoughtful ring design.

  • Handmade 14k Gold Nest ring with turquoise in sterling silver bezel, CLICK

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