Once Upon a Time – Snow White Ring Options (Affordable)

Snow White’s Engagement ring is beautiful, and why shouldn’t you own a similar one? We found the perfect way to get a replica without going for the actual gemstone of peridot and white gold. Instead, try a cubic zirconia stone in the color “apple green.” It mimics the light green look of periodot, perfectly.

Of course, by going for sterling silver you can also get a genuine peridot ring at an affordable rate.

  • Gemstone CZ Rings – Oval Apple Green CZ Ring by Hope Chest Jewelry on Amazon, CLICK

  • Peridot Ring, Sterling from the Etsy shop Stone Fever Jewelry, CLICK

  • Peridot Ring in Sterling Silver from the Etsy Shop Pretty Things Galore, CLICK

  • Lime Green Peridot Solitaire Ring Faceted Sterling Silver 6mm from the Etsy shop Terra Stratum, CLICK

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