Mawi Jewelry Online: Their Best Unique Rings

Mawi Jewelry is a designer jewelry house from London. They focus on luxury items and statement pieces of jewelry. And they really do have that covered, don’t they? It’s a little bit old Hollywood and a little bit edgy and tough. They don’t focus on trends, so you can buy and keep these pieces forever.

Shown here:

  • Mawi – Stacked Spike + Tube Ring, Gold from She Boutique: Here
  • Mawi Flower Ring in Green from Far Fetch: Here
  • Mawi Crystel Ring from Far Fetch: Here
  • Mawi Flower Ring from Far Fetch: Here
  • Mawi Ring – Chunky from Far Fetch: Here approves of and loves Mawi jewelry! Read the Mawi Blog for more jewelry inspiration.

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