The 7 unusual Luisa Bruni rings you must see (Designer Spotlight)

I have to admit that as pieces of jewelry to wear, I probably would never opt to wear a Luisa Bruni ring, unless it was her “Miniplink” or “Minisplash” minimal water drop pieces. Anyway, why wouldn’t I? It’s because they’re mostly all so kooky that they go past Helena Bonham Carter disheveled red carpet weirdness and straight to the obtuse levels of Bjork’s swan dress. HOWEVER, I think that as we examine all these different kinds of jewelry on Ring O Blog, we definitely can’t overlook the work that Bruni is doing. She’s talented, and an artist, and her work is very interesting.

Bruni went to school in Rome and Belgium, and has garnered a couple prominent European art awards. She favors clean, simple lines in her jewelry. And a lot of her website is difficult to read because it seems to be written in Italian… (and poorly translated into English. Alas!)

What I love is that there is always so much thought behind her work. For the “Argento” water lily ring, she based it off of a haiku about a frog jumping into water. For the heart on a platter ring she writes, “Ripping out your heart and give it to your lover a silver plate: is this love?” It’s a good question, though I definitely am not the one to answer it.

Below are pictures of Luisa Bruni rings. I have included a few pictures of the same ring, to give you a different perspective of the work. (Oh, I sound so FANCY, augh. I just think different pictures show different things about the same ring!)

Find more at:


Splash & Plink


old pond . . .

a frog leaps in

water’s sound

L’Amore Cieco

Minisplash, Miniplink, Ministasi



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