Larimar Jewelry – Rings by MarahLago are gorgeous

This rare gemstone from the Caribbean captivated me during a trip down in Florida. Let me tell you about it…it’s called Larimar.

Anabella Necklace
With Blue Sapphire

What is Larimar? A light blue gemstone, similar in color to chalcedony. Volcanic forces that shaped the Caribbean are what created Larimar. But no one had seen it until 1974, when a local saw it, as t had traveled from river to sea. The local named it after his daughter, Larissa and the Spanish word for sea which is mar. Thus, Larimar. ..and don’t you wish one of your parents would have made a discovery and then named it after you? Geez parentals, get on that!

Atlantic Ring
With Blue Topaz

These days, Larimar is rare as ever. You can only find it within one square kilometer of rainforest in the Dominican Republic. To get it, people face hardships of terrain as there are no roads, and the rain is endless. But this means that the value of a piece of Larimar is a great investment, and the value increases over time. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter. You can totally brag about it, and tell people the interesting history of the gemstone…which will absolutely impress them if they have any brains.. Although be warned..many in this world won’t appreciate the art of jewelry the way you and I do.

Ciro Ring

I discovered Larimar when I was at the Florida aquarium gift shop in Tampa. They featured piece by designer Marah Lago. Her line is called Marahlago, with no space. Ad hey, her name is so unique that it does sound beautiful and like a label name. My name (Jessica) is so popular that I’ve often wished to be a Zoe or an Imogen.

Verona Ring
With Amethyst, Citrine and Pink Tourmaline

Her Alana collection is made with beautiful silver. Check out the ring in the Verona has a cool mini path of crystals across it. It’s all made with only the top three percent of the Larimar gemstone. So you know the quality will be high.

Marah is beautiful, ugh! Don’t you think?

Arbol Ring
With Australian Black Opal

I love that she has focused on one specific, rare gemstone. The tag line for the company is “escape the ordinary” which is just perfect.

Visit for more.

Alana Necklace

When picking Larimar jewelry you want to look for color, pattern and inclusions. The color should be a blue you like, and the white pattern should be I there’s ting to the eye. To my eye, the best pieces have the white pattern that looks like sea spray and veins, but still has a few deeper blue really gives a piece visual interest and depth. Avoid inclusions when possible.

Alana Earrings

Let me know if you’ve ever heard of Larimar before, and if you’ve purchased a piece of Larimar jewelry. How many compliments do you get on it? …yes, I’m considering buying a Larimar ring…duh!

If you like this light blue color of gemstone I also recommend aquamarine, chalcedony, sea glass, and light blue crystal. If the pattern appeals to you then check out lace agate stones.

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