Future Design – Handshake Ring to Trade Business cards!

Here’s an interesting future design concept that lets you trade information through a simple handshake.  The rings exchange information during the handshake and later when you come home, you can simply spit out the data.


Shaking hands is a customary action of greeting other people. This product brings the action one step further by creating an actual function. When people first meet and shake hands, the ring on their fingers get close enough to operate. The rings exchange their user’s information and store them whole they are shaking hands. The more people they meet, the more information they have. When the users browse through the people they have met, the card displays their basic information that was stored in the ring. The power source is provided from human temperature, so it doesn’t need any plug.

Handskake won Red dot award: design concept 2007
Designers: Hideaki Matsui, Dong Ho Yun, Jea Wan Park

via kontrastblog

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