Look at these 5 Fun Animal Rings and try not to be amazed by the last one

There’s almost nothing I love more than animals. But, high on the list, is also jewelry. So, animal jewelry is kind of a perfect match for me. And, I’m guessing that it might just be the same for you. After all, who can resist the allure of a mysterious tiger or a pretty bird? So, below I’m showing you a variety of fun animal rings at several price points. Enjoy looking!

Fun Animal Rings

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SABRINA DEHOFF ‘Fox’ plates ring

  • You may be aware of my obsession with all things “fox.” Well, even this counts. Foxes are just cute. And cool. And just…everything. They’re amazing. And so is this ring, which is super geometric, but somehow still so charming.
  • $126.32
  • From: Farfetch, CLICK HERE
  • Tags: fox rings

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Agrigento Rebel Bird Ring

  • There are a lot of bird rings flying around the internet (see what I did there?), so it takes a supremely nice one to make my list. When I saw this Bird Ring on Max and Chloe (a site I adore, btw), I immediately pictured myself like one of the Scottish girls from ‘Reign,’ extending her hand and having a little bird land on her hand. It’s got a simplistic, romantic idea around it. It’s…sweet! And who doesn’t want a little more sweetness in their life?
  • $198.00
  • From: Max and Chloe, CLICK HERE.
  • Tags: bird rings, nest rings

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Symphonic the Hedgehog Ring

  • I can’t get enough of hedgehogs, they seem so smooshable even though their prickly backs make it obvious that the last thing you’d want to do is snuggle your face into one… Hm. Well, they’re cute and they make me smile. (I almost bought those Hedgehog measuring cups from Anthropologie last year, just because of how cute they are. Seriously.)
  • $11.99
  • From: Mod Cloth, CLICK HERE.
  • Tags: hedgehog ring, animal rings

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Nach Bijoux Riger Ring

  • Forget the tiger print, go for the real thing! This roaring tiger head will be sure to get you noticed. So, do your best Katy Perry impression and ROAR.
  • $108.00
  • From: Carnet de Mode, CLICK HERE.
  • Tags: tiger rings

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Gold Owl Ring

  • This here is the piece de resistance. To see it in person is to shake your head back and laugh, knowing you’d never wear something so big and with such dead/missing eyes. However, then you see the ring on a finger, and suddenly you see the appeal. In fact, this owl ring has been featured in InStyle, Vogue amd Grazia, and worn by celebrities Eliza Doolittle and Pixie Lott. So, turns out we’ve all got good taste. But who will grab the last owl ring available? (For that price, I’m just going to be admiring it from afar.)
  • $522.00
  • From: Boticca, CLICK HERE
  • Tags: owl rings

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– Jessica

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