Flying Saucer Rings!

Are u a UFO-hunter or simply mad about UFOs?  Well, here’s the perfect Flying Saucer Ring for you, custom made to the order.

Floating Saucer Ring- Made to Order
: picture is of similar ring- Actual ring is a bit shinier but is equally lovely.

: Saucers are 9 mm and 6 mm = 0.9 cm and 0.6 cm = 1/4″ by 3/8″

: “Floating Saucer Series Ring” is part of the Floating Saucer Series. Ring from this series were freatured in Joanna Gollbergs’ “The Art and Craft of Making Jewelry” Published in May ’06.
: One of the virtues of this ring is it’s surprising comfort.
: Because it can be lightly adjusted this series is also perfect for people who have bigger knuckles than ‘finger’. Also great for Summer/Winter & monthly size fluctuations.

$59 via etsy

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