Elyssa Bass Rings – Her BEST jewelry pieces

Modern with a fantasy edge, Elyssa Bass Rings are everything you want in a statement ring. We especially love her butterfly ring and her dragonfly ring.

dragonfly rings

Elyssa Bass Designs Dragonfly ring (Related: Dragonfly rings)

elyssa bass rings

butterfly rings

Butterfly ring in 18-karat gold with chocolate diamonds by Elyssa Bass Jewelry Designs (Related: Butterfly Rings)

Elyssa Bass Jewelry Goldtone Domed Ring available for sale from Max and Chloe, CLICK (Related: Dome Rings, Casual Rings)

Elyssa Bass Square Turquoise Ring for sale from Max and Chloe, CLICK (Related: Turquoise Rings)

Which is your favorite of these three Elyssa Bass Rings?

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