Element Rings in Sterling Silver – Earth, Air, Fire, Water

I love element jewelry because it’s great (nay, IMPORTANT) to reflect upon our great elements, and how we are always connected to them.

Element Jewelry

These four elements jewelry are from CreativityFlow.com, by jewelry artist Anthony Kotseridis.

These are all bezel set rings. The jewelry had previously used polymer clay before trying out the bezel technique with semi-precious gemstones.

They say:

“Making bezel settings for our jewelry is something very tricky and you have to watch out to be precise in your cuts of the metal and your bezel settings.”

The theme of these rings ended up being centered on natural elements: earth, air, fire and water.

All of these rings are made with sterling silver. The earth element ring is made with green agate. The fire ring uses a red zircon. For water, the beautiful sodalite was used. And, finally, a beautiful quartz stone was used for the element of air.

Earth / Nature ring. Symbolized by green and a leaf.

Love leaf rings?

Rawr, fire!

Fire is a powerful element.

Air, the element you know you can’t live without.


The jewelry designer lives in Greece, and they offer amazing Greek Glass jewelry pendants on Etsy.

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