Daisy Rings

Daisy Rings

Do you like daisy?  Here’s daisy rings that can help your obsession with the flower.

“The daisy is a common flower. It is abundantly growing in meadows and parks, almost all year round. Yet it is often overlooked. It is fragile, with its tiny yellow heart surrounded by a halo of delicate white leaves. By simply knotting its stem, it can be worn as a ring. By casting this neglected wild growing flower in silver and gold, I lift it out of its anonymity and give it eternal life. This forces the focus of attention on its beautiful detail and their individual characteristics. As some daisies have thick or ‘hairy’ stems; others have short leaves or have a large yellow heart, etc.
All rings are made with actual daisies that are put in plaster, burned out, and then cast in Sterling silver and 18 carat gold. As a result, each ring/object is unique and singular, as no mould is made. As a group together they form a ‘meadow’. I intend to present little creatures of nature, as naïve and uncompromising as they come.”

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