Cyber Age Ring is a WEIRD Ring

This ring kind of freaks me out, like the hand of skeletor itself is being shown to us! The “Cyber Age Ring™ is a symbol of the not-so-distant future. It demonstrates the real bond that will be forged between man and machine, the bond that will transform the two to become greater than just the sum of their parts – a new alliance will be forged here. This incredible new venture will combine the speed and the precision of the machine with the unquenchable thirst for knowledge of its human master.” Yea, that’s not creepy at all. I mean, do you think it’s creepy when I like a ring with a leaf on it, because it reminds me of nature? So I shouldn’t think this is weird. But I do. I really do. The page goes on to say, “The most important theme of this ring is the hand of man as the creator. Yes, all it may be holding is a simple mouse, but it is where this simple mouse and the hand of a man meet that the two worlds are closest together. This is where the real becomes the virtual and the virtual becomes real.” …Right. Okay. I get it, but I don’t want to wear it. Maybe YOU do?  Cyber Ring

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