Courtney Kaye Jewelry Top 5 Bold Rings

If you want black and gold, intriciate filigree jewelry with a bold presence, you need to check out Courtney Kaye Jewelry. Looking like exactly what Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian would love to add to their jewelry wardrobes, the rings by Courtney Kaye have the perfect mix of hard/soft and tough/feminine for us to salivate over. I mean, check out that bow ring! (It has a matching necklace!)

Courtney Kaye Jewelry

Clockwise from top right

Courtney Kaye Arabella Filigree Ring – It’s shimmering all over the place! Like a disco ball! Only no where near as tacky. It’s made with14 karat gold plate, hematite, jet black crystal, and clear crystals. Crystal rings are always a great alternative to diamond rings. The swirl pattern on the ring is so playful. Find this sparkling crystal ring here.

Courtney Kaye Femme Fatale Filigree Ring – Call all seductive women! Do you want a femme fatale ring? Synthetic black onyx takes the spotlight with deep, mysterious and sexy black for the main section of this ring. 14k gold plated filigree surrounds it, creating a delicate balance of strong and soft. Find this onyx ring here.

Courtney Kaye Meridian Filigree Ring – Similar to the Femme Fatale ring, this utilizes gold plated filigree. It almost has a leopard pattern to it, using hematite for detailing. What’s the main difference? Here, instead of a matte faux onyx, you have a shiny Black aqua cubic zirconium. Find this modern ring here.

Courtney Kaye Annex Filigree Two-Finger Ring – Two Ringer Rings – This double finger ring needs only gold plating and hematite to create a really structurally interesting ring. We don’t always love the look of a 2 finger deal, but this one looks elegant and fierce. It’s very “rockstar” without going fully Gaga. Find this 2 finger ring here.

Courtney Kaye Fauna Filigree Bow Ring – Bow Rings on your mind? Made with: 14 karat gold plated, hematite plated, Black diamond crystal – This Bow ring is available from Max and Chloe here. Find the matching bow pendant here.

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