Coincide Thorns Abstinence Ring!

Coincide Thorns Abstinence Ring!

These thorns on the Coincide Thorns Abstinence Ring represent the protection from having sex for the first time.  The thorns in other words protect you from rapists and other nasty people.  Okay, just kidding, they are, however, thorns to protect you symbolically.  We like this domain name, “”.

Patterned to represent purity and your stand to wait. Symbolic of the phenomena of constructive interference where 2 waves coinciding with each other join together to become 1 wave. It’s an encounter that ultimately increases the strength of the 2 separate waves, making them stronger together. May this purity ring serve as a reminder that right now you are in step with your “true” love. Even if you don’t know who she is yet. You are both living separate, but are in step. Your future unity will together bring power and strength to your relationship. Hold fast to your purity! Stay in step! Coincide!

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