Becky Kelso Rings – The Top 6 Worth Seeing!

Both graceful and artistic, Becky Kelso rings are laden with beauty.

But it’s not just a traditional appreciation for antique ring designs that Becky brings to her designs. She’s also well-traveled to exotic locations, and very savvy about pop culture. Her website says:

Kelso’s various collections showcase artful and timeless pieces that reveal influences gathered from her travels to Morocco, Asia, and Turkey. Each intricate design retains a classic antique aesthetic, but is overall organic, imaginative, and modern.

Perhaps that’s why these rings feel so fresh and new, while appealing to my sentimental and romantic sensibilities.

All rings mentioned here are available from the Becky Kelso page on Max & Chloe.

Practically perfect as a pink beauty!

Becky Kelso Pink Topaz Rose Gold Stacking Ring $550.00

This is a beautiful, vintage-styled ring with green the color of perfect sea glass.

Becky Kelso Calcite-Detailed Gold Ring $760.00

Get ready to rock…with this brilliantly clear crystal.

Becky Kelso Rock Crystal Stacking Ring $155.00

Pink Calcite…who knew it was SO pretty? Consider this a reminder.

Becky Kelso Pink Calcite Rose Gold Ring $955.00

This milky white opal is perfectly placed in a royal gold ring.

Becky Kelso Opal Gold Stacking Ring $570.00

An unusual shape and mysterious gemstone make this one mystical ring worth your attention.

Becky Kelso Rectangular Moonstone Ring $330.00

So, there you go. The 6 best Becky Kelso rings. Which is your favorite?

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