Above Knuckle Rings – How to Wear a First Knuckle Ring

It seems unusual to wear your rings so that they are nestled in front of the first knuckle on your finger, but it’s a new jewelry trend that’s not going away. So, let’s explore this crazy revolution. (Fun fact, I typed “revulsion” at first. Oops.)

How to Wear a First Knuckle Ring

You know how people tell you to put on your makeup so it looks like you’re not wearing any? And admit it, you do this. You spend a lot of time to do this. The makeup becomes invisible, in theory. It’s not there! Poof, magic. (Just like all of the big bucks you spent at the MAC counter, oye.) Well, the same idea can be applied to how to wear an above knuckle ring. It should basically be invisible.

You want to have this crazy ring to add to an overall affect, but let’s be honest – you’re not going to wear a huge statement ring there. No. You just want the hint of a sheen. It makes you look more boho, or more edgy, or more whatever you are. And it’s unusual. You could even make it romantic. It’s kind of cool, like something the cool, free-spirited babysitter you had as a kid would wear.

So you have to pick something with a thin band. And it should be just a simple band. No embellishments.

The metal should match the metal of the other rings you’re wearing – at least on that hand. It visually strengthens the effect.

Celebrities Rockin’ the First Knuckle Ring Trend

The ring is so small you can hardly see it on her first finger! Image credit: Jezebel

Demi Lovato recently attended the 2012 People’s Choice Awards wearing an above knuckle ring.

Sterling Silver First Knuckle Ring by Sassy Brown on Etsy – HERE
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