5 Rings with Names Personalized on Them

There are plenty of ugly personalized name rings to sift through before you can find ones that are worth your time. So, I’ve done it for you!. By the time I finished this post, I think I saw about five ugly rings with names for every one potential ring. There’s sweet….and then there’s tacky. Hopefully I’ve found five rings with names that you can personalize that you’ll find acceptable.

The range of these rings is wide. You can buy a ring specifically because you’re a mother or in a relationship, or you can be just about your own name! You can also have added birthstones, diamonds for the fun of it, or have the name stretch out for a two finger ring. They’re all interesting rings, and more interesting the more unique your name is and what details are involved. Try to match your personality (clean and simple vs detailed and elegant?) with the type of ring you want.

Five Rings with Names

Personalized Sterling Silver Baguette Birthstone Couples Name Ring
Price: $109.99
From: Personal Creations, HERE

Lauren Conrad Sterling Silver Personalized Name Rings
Price:: $95.00
From: Amazon.com, HERE

Sterling Silver Large Script Name Ring – Personalized Jewelry
Price: $59.99
From: Limoges Jewelry, HERE

Personalized Solid Sterling Silver Special Name Ring
Price: TBD
From: Name Jewel, HERE

Mother’s Diamond Personalized Name Ring
Price: $159.99
From: Personal Creations, HERE

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