Five Pretty Heart Rings Under 100

So, you’re looking for a heart ring that won’t damage your wallet too much? That’s admirable. Luckily, I am here to help you find the ones that look pretty instead of the ones that look like they cost next to nothing. Cost doesn’t have to be indicative of the taste level of an object.

A diamond heart ring on sale that claims to be practically scratch-proof against anything? Sounds promising. Just like your love. Awww. Shh!

This sterling silver ring shaped like a heart and topped with shimmering cubic zirconia is so affordable you might have enough extra money to buy earrings that match.

Here we have what I’d consider a placeholder ring for an engagement ring. It’ll do until you can afford more than 100 for the ring. (Or as a fun cocktail ring for a fancy event.) The heart is made of cubic zirconia – duh. If your bride prefers a more antique style…

This is an interesting heart ring that could almost pass for being real. It’s made of sterling silver and rhodium, with a cubic zirconia heart-shaped stone. It will not tarnish.

Nvie Designs made this sparkling heart ring which I would describe as girly meets cute. It’s very attractive.

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