Israeli Jewelry Designers Spotlight: Nurit Design

This is all jewelry made in israel by Nurit Levak for the line is called Nurit Design.

Trivia: The name of “Nurit” is the name of a flower with red petals.

When it comes to Nurit Design, the jewelry focuses heavily on rings which makes it perfect for our jewelry blog. Levak is happy to custom make jewelry pieces for you, to create your “jewelry dream” as it were. You can pick from 9k or 14k yellow gold white gold rose gold or sterling silver.

Some of the rings that caught our eye from this Etsy shop of handmade gold rings included stacking rings, flower rings, swirl rings, and a ring with one large aquamarine stone. There is a strong influence of nature in this jewelry.

Check out other handmade rings on our site if you want something one of a kind.

Visit the shop: CLICK

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