Aria Montgomery’s Rings on Pretty Little Liars (PLL Jewelry)

Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) wore two cool Lia Sophia rings on a recent Pretty Little Liars season 3 episode that aired on ABC Family.

The one on her ring finger looks like it’s bandeded, and is very chunky. (We believe it is the Revved Up Ring, or the Wound Up Ring, both still available to purchase.) The other ring is a long ring with studs. It seems the material might be gunmental, but it also might be silver. It’s really up to you when it comes to metal preferences. We personally suggest mixing it up from time to time!

If you like the idea of chunky statement rings, or  long rings, check out this previous post on long rings for women. And while we don’t want you to be afraid to wear a couple large rings on the same finger, we advise keeping just one being a long, full finger type ring. That way you let it take center stage.

If you’ve  yet to add any gunmetal rings to your collection, take a look at them and re-consider.

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