Why Arabian Princesses Wore Gold Rings

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Well, it might not be a huge surprise to you as to the why – but Arabian princesses wore gold rings as a status symbol. Their golden rings had bells on them so that people could hear when they were coming and going and pay their respects to them. To this day, gold is a status symbol and wearing it speaks to your sense of style. Just wearing a ring can make you feel powerful, and for good reason. People notice gold against skin tones, and they know it is expensive.

There is a very cool book called Memoirs of an Arabian Princess from Zanzibar which was written by an exiled Arabian princess (Emily Ruete Sayyida Princess of Zanzibar). “This autobiography offers a rare inside look at the society surrounding a sultan’s palace. Its author, a real-life princess in exile, recalls her vanished world of harems, slave trading, and court intrigues. The Midwest Book Review praised this book as “an engrossing memoir, offering a vivid portrait of 19th-century Arab and African life.” You can buy Memoirs of an Arabian Princess on Amazon.

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