Unique Fine Jewelry – Rings from Italy Designer Arosha

Arosha Luigi Taglia designs fine jewelry from Italy. We’re so taken with his work that we’re doing another post on some of the fun rings he offers. His jewelry aesthetic speaks to those who like modern and contemporary looks. He does a lot of unique gold rings for women.

Unique Fine Jewelry Rings

  1. Pearl and Sterling Silver Ring, CLICK
  2. GOLDEN LAKE Aquamarine Ring, 14k gold and sterling silver ring, CLICK
  3. Lace Unique Gold Ring, CLICK
  4. ZIGGURAT Gold Ring, Blue Topaz Ring, CLICK

These unique gold rings for women include jewelry with an Egyptian influence, as you can see in the Isis Egyptian Engagement Ring and Anubis Ring.

People are often searching for that perfect unique wedding band, maybe you’ll find it above. The KNOT custom ring really caught our attention. But the Yin and Yang Wedding Band set is also a really sweet idea.

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