Thames River Ring!

Check out this Thames River Ring which encapses an 18 carat yellow gold river inside the ring.

Our new 18 carat white Gold Thames River Ringwith 2000 year old Thames Wood which has been sourced from the first London port facilities built by the Romans circa AD63. The river Thames is 18 carat yellow Gold. The 1.5mm brilliant cut Diamond marks the exact spot where the wood was found. This is a gentleman’s ring (steady ladies you can wear it too, we are not sexist here). I can smell the warm leather of the upholstered car seats and hear the gentle hum of voices at ‘The Club’. You have got to have style to pull off one of these, have YOU got it? Because you see its a classic! This ring can be made in silver, white gold or platinum with the matching carat of yellow gold.

$7061 via stepheneinhorn

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