Leighton Meester Jewelry

Leighton Meester wears a tassel ring in her “Somebody to Love” video. While it’s hard to enjoy this song (or video) the jewelry in it is quite great. We searched out our top five favorite tassel rings for you guys.

Tassels are not just for decorative window curtains or napkin rings. They’re great as tassel key chains, necklaces, and all sorts of other jewelry. The great thing is that they afford your jewelry some movement. When it comes to rings, usually they have no chance to move. Motion rings are popular but hard to find.

9ct Yellow Gold 19mm Tassel Ring from Jewellery World

Glow by Sheila Fajl Tassel Statement Ring from HSN

9ct Yellow Gold 17mm Tassel Ring from Jewellery World

Gold Tasell Ring from Jewellery World

Black Tassel Ring from Etsy

Check out Leighton Meester wearing a tassel ring in her music video for “Somebody to Love”

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