13 best pieces of Jamie Cassavoy Jewelry you MUST see!

Jamie Cassavoy sells jewelry under the label “Cassavoy & Company.” The tagline is so spot-on: “By nature, handmade for you.” You can so clearly see the CRAFT work in the jewelry, jut as you can see the influence of nature. I immediately fell in love with almost every piece. But I settled on my very favorite. First I tried to contain it to ten pieces. But I expanded this to 13 because … well, look! It’s just all so beautiful and romantic and fairyland-ish. That’s totally my thing. Now the question becomes…is it also yours?

Learn more about the jewelry @ jamiecassavoy.com

The cascading leaf theme is one you’ll see a lot with the Jamie Cassavoy jewelry. This pendant would be wonderful for a bride.

Made with sterling silver and an amethyst, this unusual flower ring looks perfect to me.

This strikes me as statement wedding jewelry. It contains lavender pearls and cascading silver leaves.

These are such romantic bridal leaf earrings, made with sterling silver and pearls.

A sunny citrine stone gives a nice contrast to the oxidized silver on this floral ring.

This is a gold and garnet flower ring that looks regal and elegant, while maintaining a bit of whimsy.

Who doesn’t love a pretty lotus ring? This one features a pink tourmaline.

Isn’t this pretty flower ring just a show-stopper?

This is a similar flower ring, but the change of metals and gemstone makes it look so different…weightless and ethereal…

For fans of dainty rings, this is a ring for you. I love how the tiny circular gemstone acts as the entire flower while there are two little gold leaves. It’s so sweet, and would be great for stacking.

And now, something different! These Jamie Cassavoy earrings look tropical and like they’d move in the breeze. I love the jumbled, natural look they posses.

I love long, leafy, dangling earrings like these.

I guarantee that anyone who wore these earrings would get a second-glance. That’s how pretty they are.

What do you think? Do you love the earrings more than the rings, or vice versa?

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